About Kiwis in LA


Who We Are and What We Do

Pretty much as long as there have been New Zealanders in Los Angeles there has been a group that has organized Kiwis getting together. Kiwis in LA has been around in its current form since 2000, and has grown to include hundreds of Kiwis in around Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

We hold lots of events during the year where Kiwis can get together and hear other Kiwi accents, and we keep Kiwis living here up-to-date on all things New Zealand in Los Angeles, such as where to buy Marmite and who makes the best pies in town. Key Kiwis in LA events include:

Kiwis in LA Waitangi Day Brekkie

Kiwis in LA Summer Picnic

Air New Zealand Kiwis in LA Art Show and Wine Tasting

Kiwis in LA Christmas Party

We also hold pub nights in Santa Monica – and Costa Mesa so we keep all the Kiwis in the OC happy. And of course we let New Zealanders in Southern California know about ANZAC Day Commemorations in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Remember to sign up for the Kiwis in LA newsletter – it’s the best way to find out what’s going on, and also join our Facebook page and group.

Art Show 5

Our Mission

Kiwis in LA is a social and business networking organization for New Zealanders and “friends of New Zealand” in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

We work to promote all things New Zealand to the Southern California community – the people, the culture and produce of New Zealand.

Overall, our mission is to promote and foster good relations between New Zealand and the United States through a variety of social and cultural events held in Los Angeles and Orange County.


Our Organization and Non-Profit Status

Kiwis in LA is an unincorporated association in the State of California. Our Articles of Association can be seen here, and the Kiwis in LA By-Laws can be seen here. Kiwis in LA is a 501(c)4 tax-exempt non-profit organization, but membership or donations to Kiwis in LA are not tax-deductible.

You’ll find the minutes of the 2020 Kiwis in LA Annual General Meeting here.

Kiwis in LA Officers and Directors

Vaughan Cottier President

From: Wellington Lived in the US since: 2018 Occupation: Global Vice-President of Sales for a social media intelligence company Favorite Kiwi food: Roast lamb and meat pies (of course)

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Jackie Alixander Vice-President

From: Wellington Lived in the US since: 2012 Occupation: Fitness Studio Manager Favorite Kiwi food: Pineapple Lumps

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Roger Pearce Treasurer and Secretary

From: Wellington Lived in the US since: 1983 Occupation:  Accountant Favorite Kiwi food: Trifle Little known fact:  Has visited 30 countries by age 30 and 20 more since

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Anne Beecher Director

From: Papakura Lived in the US since: 1987 Occupation: Retired Favorite Kiwi food: Old fashioned doughnuts and Mum's scones Little known fact about you: I came back from many years in a wheelchair to run marathons again

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Celeste Bowden Director

From: Karangahake Gorge Lived in the US since: 2015 Occupation: Social media consultant and mum to twins Favorite Kiwi food: Hot fresh cheese scones Little known fact About You: Love to blog, paint and dance (not at the same time)

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Hillary Brick Director

From: Te Puke Lived in the US since: 1982 Occupation: Retired Favorite Kiwi food: Feijoas Little known fact: Jumped the Nevis Bungy

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Keith Flamank Director

From: Christchurch Lived in the US since: 2001 Occupation: Volunteer Favorite Kiwi food: Passionfruit Little known fact: Sense of humor

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Robert Good Director

From: Auckland Lived in USA Since: 2002 Occupation: Realtor Favorite Kiwi Food: Pies, fish and chips, orange chocolate chip ice cream, and feijoa’s. Little Known Fact About You: I have a set of bagpipes which I learned on at school in New Zealand

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Sharon Longpre Director

From: Porirua Lived in the US since: 1973 Occupation: Health Coordinator Favorite Kiwi food: Fish and chips, and meat pies Little known fact about you: Mother of three beautiful daughters and three grandsons

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Patrick Veysey Director

From: Nelson Lived in the US since: Around 1987 Occupation: Electrical contractor Favorite Kiwi food: Sunday roast lamb, closely followed by fish and chips, meat pies and Sally Lunn bun Little known fact about you:  Known worldwide as a master sausage sizzler.

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